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Data is at the core of your business.

Today, backup is not a luxury but a necessity.

Ensure the integrity & safety of your data.

We are used to protecting the things that are valuable to us, and so we purchase car insurance, health insurance, and even life insurance.  So, why wouldn’t we also put in place a plan to secure our valuable business data?

Data loss is often unforeseeable and devastatingly damaging to a business, but damage can be mitigated and prevented from crippling your business by taking steps to ensure the integrity and safety of your data.

Imagine you run a major purchasing and provisioning company. The database you manage, which includes the records of all of your clients, their orders and contact information as well as all of the contact information of your vendors and their unique catalog of products that you offer, experiences a major shutdown. All the data stored on your server has been corrupted, leaving you without your customer data, tickler files, order history, vender references and other important information. You have now just lost thousands of terabytes of data that might be impossible to reproduce in a timely fashion, if at all.

There are many scenarios, including physical damage, hacking, natural disaster, and malware, in which data can be lost. Are you prepared for a catastrophic hardware failure? How about a ransomware attack?

Only recently, hundreds of thousands of people were hit by ransomware attacks by viruses with names like “WannaCry”, “Diablo” or “Locky”. These attacks are not only becoming more frequent but are also showing no small degree of sophistication with the ransomware virus silently attacking BACKUPS first as they simultaneously disable built-in file system safeguards and then proceeding to encrypt any and all drive they can access, (including Cloud Storage Drives). The premise behind all of these virus attacks is the assumption that most users have only one copy of their data and if the hacker can encrypt that one copy the user will be forced to pay them to decrypt it. Unfortunately, once they have your money the chances of a successful decryption of your data is slim to none. If you have a backup solution in place that has already safely stored several copies of your data elsewhere you would not even consider paying a ransom.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that yor data is backed up locally

and also OFFSITE in case of a attack or disaster

You will be surprised at how affordable remote backup really is.

Pricing is based on a number of factors, including the amount of data being backed up & the amount of history you want to maintain.