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Network Monitoring

Our Network Monitoring solution monitors your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When it finds anything not functioning the way it should, the problem is reported immediately. The alerting and notification functions are completely flexible. They can notify our staff of highly-trained network engineers.

Sever upgrades/replacement

Servers have a limited life expectancy, generally between three and five years. When it’s time to retire your server, we can help you identify the proper specifications of the replacement server you need, help coordinate the purchase of the server, install the server and related software, migrate data from your current server, and help maintain and manage the server after installation.

Network Administration

Clients of our Remote Network Administration service enjoy the convenience of having a network administrator just an e-mail or phone call away, without having the expense of a full-time network administrator on their staff. Our Remote Network Administration service can take care of all of your network administration needs remotely. Tasks such as creating or deleting user accounts, creating network folders, setting or changing user access permissions, and creating or deleting mailboxes can all be performed remotely by our network engineer.

Network Connectivity

Whether your remote office is across town or across the world, we have the expertise to securely connect all of your offices to help your company increase communications, increase productivity, and even reduce costs. We have experience connecting remote locations via dedicated point-to-point connections, secure VPN connections, and with IPSec encryption. We understand the challenges posed by a remote workforce, employees need full access to the company network from any location, yet the data needs to remain centralized for shared usage and backup purposes.

Remote data backup

On a schedule that you define, our client remote backup software “activates”, determining which files and folders need to be backed up, and what type of backup (full or incremental) is scheduled for that time. Our client remote backup software compresses each selected file to a fraction of the original size. The compressed data is then encrypted using an encryption key that only you know. Our remote backup client then sends your encrypted data offsite to our secure storage facility. An encrypted copy of your critical data is now safely offsite in our secure storage facility.

Local Area Networks

Your local area network is the heart of your information technology infrastructure. Our network engineers have been working with Microsoft-based local area networks since the days of LAN Manager, and they’ve installed and supported literally hundreds of Local Area Networks. Our engineers are certified in all the latest Microsoft technologies. In addition, we frequently integrate with and migrate from other networking platforms such as Novell and Unix. Whether you’re looking to implement your first network or upgrade an existing one, we are the right team for the job.

Remote Network Management

Once a problem has been identified, we have the expertise to securely connect to your network and resolve the problem urgently, often without requiring the dispatch of an onsite network engineer saving you time and money.

Wide Area Networks

Today’s networks aren’t limited to a single location. We have experience connecting remote offices/workers, with WAN technologies (Terminal Services, Citrix, Cisco routers and VPN connections).

Assisting Existing I.T. Staff

For our clients with an existing I.T. staff, we offer a variety of services to help them do their jobs more effectively. Some of the services we offer to assist an existing I.T. staff include: Assistance with upgrades and migrations, Project planning, Disaster recovery, Remote network management, with notification when significant events occur, and Remote I.T. coverage, to provide I.T. support when a staff member is on vacation or is out for training.

Flat-Rate Options

The biggest complaint we’ve heard from customers over the years is the unpredictability of I.T. costs. It just wasn’t possible to predict what I.T. support and maintenance would cost from month to month. As a result, we developed flat-rate service plans. Customized to your needs, which allow you to finally be able to budget your I.T. costs. You receive a flat-rate monthly bill and all of your I.T. support and maintenance is handled automatically.

Full-Service Remote I.T. Department

By combining our Remote Monitoring service and Remote Network Management plans, we can monitor the state of your network in real-time and respond to any issues as they happen, often before something actually “breaks”. With our full-service plan, you can spend all of your time doing what you do best.

Additional Services We Offer

Hosting Web Applications, Hosting Windows Servers, Hosting Complete Office Solutions Voice Communications Solutions, & VPN Solutions.