Premier Innovisions is a group of Information Technology professionals with decades of practical experience working in environments just like yours.

In early 1999, after many years of frustration with the way the I.T. industry operates, the company’s founders decided that they had to do business a different way … the right way.

So Premier Innovisions was born.

In early 2001, we released our first remote monitoring software which allowed us to truely be proacative to our customer needs. We continue to update and improve our software to include more functionality. Currently our system collects and processes millions of event log entries and status about the servers and other network hardware per day that we can utilize for troubleshooting and reporting."

In 2003 we release our first offsite backup program, and has continued to expanded over the years to include image backup, virtual machine backups even being able to boot from offsite backup.

We continually evaluate our customer needs and provide those needs whenever possible or build relationships with other companys that can.

We have enjoyed working with of most of our customers for over ten years and some of them since the last century.